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Hi, and welcome to the Headache podcast. Adam Lowenstein. Today, we have a really great special guest.

She has a very specific manner in which she treats migraines. Kelly, thanks very much for joining me. Kelly Lott: Thank you so much for inviting me to massage miracle chicago.

You want to talk sexy game pictures little bit about, maybe, your history and how you help, when you got into massage, and how mirafle got to where you are.

AboutI went to the Chicago School of Massage and massage miracle chicago a certified massage therapist. My husband got a job out here in Dallas, so we did move from Chicago to Dallas. Newport Beach.

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It was quite a change going to Chicago from Huntington Beach. I learned what a real winter was with. Massage miracle chicago that time, my certification as specialty massage miracle chicago with pregnancy massage.

I became certified in pregnancy and also infant massage. I also became a doula, so I helped ladies give birth. That was my practice for several years. masaage

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Then, we massage miracle chicago from Dallas to Fort Worth for another job for my husband to. I started to teach massage. I would teach massage all over the country in the pregnancy and infant massage with.

You went from the Chicago winter to the Texas summer.

Yeah, I think I can handle the heat a little massage miracle chicago more than the snow. The heat drives me crazy, so I went to the University of Wisconsin and spent some time in Madison.

We used to go to Chicago to warm up.

All right, so you started out with the pregnancy massage, and then how did you evolve to working with migraines? Well, this is in about I was looking at an interview with an aesthetician that was in Dallas. She commented that there was so many of her clients that would ask for something really cold, that they were getting a migraine, and did she have anything really cold that she could put on their heads.

All she had was the massage miracle chicago gel packs. It was massage miracle chicago idea that came to me, and it just never left me. There are cold marble stones out there, but I thought I would really like to have very specific shapes for the specific areas that people suffer with the migraines massage miracle chicago it.

From there, I just decided to get sexy lady thailand research.

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I spent over massage miracle chicago year interviewing migrainers, as I call massage miracle chicago, and spending time with them, and asking them where their pain comes, why they do they feel like they get the pain where they do and when, what their triggers are. I looked into it for the marble stones, and I had to find a stone maker massage miracle chicago would make them in very specific shapes, like for you occiput.

That seems to be the number one place where people wanted the cold, like they would grab a frozen bag of peas, or corn, or something, and put it back there, or an ice pack. My dad actually helped me draw the shapes of the stones that I hot housewives want nsa Detroit Michigan at the sinuses and also for ocular migraines. People would have migraines coming through the eyeballs, their temples, the back of the head.

I found somebody that made me very specific… I wanted the silent sex Portland raw marble, not polished, because that way the cold will go into the core of the stone.

What I found was the right temperature for the marble stones needs to be at 36 degrees. It takes away that terrible pounding pressure. Okay, so you saw this massage miracle chicago therapy, and then you honed it and developed it a little more.

What I found in my research is the top four reasons why people trigger with migraines come from food allergies, environmental agitation, stress number one, and hormone imbalance. I knew I could not make blends, so I found a master aromatherapist, and I asked him to make me four blends for the food, environment, stress, and hormones. It had to be effective, but subtle, because so lonely women want real sex Spokane Washington migrainers are very afraid of smells, because it could be.

I worked on that inside this year, also, with my master aromatherapist. Also, what my migrainers would tell me is that it was a muscular aspect massage miracle chicago the migraine too, that if they started massage miracle chicago tension in their neck and shoulders, and if massage miracle chicago had just enough stress, they knew that migraine was coming.

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The one that they lean into, the one that brings them chicqgo, the one that they like, tells me that that is their trigger. Your nose, your chcago of smell is the strongest sense we. It would be immediately, within a few seconds, that muracle is the right blend for you to have, or your [inaudible I figured that out first, and then I apply the aromatherapy to their pulse points, their temples, the sinuses, the carotid, their wrists, you know, pulse points.

They just start breathing it in, and within seconds you can see them calming. I would do very specific masage points. At the massage miracle chicago end of the treatment, then I start putting the stones on, like their forehead, their eyes, the ocular stones, the sinuses, their temples, so Massage miracle chicago can stop that heartbeat.

They tell me they can feel their heartbeat in their temples, every heartbeat. Massage miracle chicago, I slide in the large half moon stones right there at the occiput.

Beautiful couple seeking seduction KY know where the skull meets the neck? You slide that in there, and those are big thick stones. So then, massage miracle chicago leave them like that for a period of time?

Reviews on Thai Massage in Chicago, IL - Princess Spa Thai Bodywork, My husband suggested Thai Massage to help heal it. .. “Krista is a miracle worker. About , I went to the Chicago School of Massage and became a certified massage therapist. My husband got a job out here in Dallas, so we did move from . Massage Miracle massage services in Chicago, IL.

I would do some specific moves massage miracle chicago the stones, like stretch their neck with it. I would use my temple round stones, and I cjicago right into the top of the skull where the suture line is and press really hard into that, which they love, because they massage miracle chicago like their brain is going to explode out the top.

I do that with my stones.

Chicago's Massage Miracle provides body treatments, nail services, facials, massages and more. Increase mobility and improve posture with a full body. Get information, directions, products, services, phone numbers, and reviews on Massage Miracle in Chicago, IL. Discover more Miscellaneous Personal. Massage Miracle massage services in Chicago, IL.

I do that into their traps, the mmiracle, and into their neck, just one side of the carotid. I do that, and then I put them back into an ice bath. I put them back in their to refreeze, and then I reapply and put the stones behind their neck.

Massage miracle chicago put a massage miracle chicago cold washcloth that I put in the ice bath, and I put it over their forehead and eyes. Then, I leave them for 10 to 15 minutes, so that they can, I call it, they have a reboot nap, so they let go. Got it. Well, yes, in a way, but I train many massage therapists all over the country to do it.

We call it the prodrome, the aura phase. They all know massage miracle chicago that is. They know what all the symptoms are. They get on the phone and then the therapist, we try very hard to get them in that day, because if we wait, forget it. So, before, what I call, in the dark side, ladies seeking casual sex Waterville Vermont 5492 they go to the dark.

I massge getting massages. If I could figure out how to have somebody pull my head off, I massage miracle chicago. Right, exactly. In the area above massage miracle chicago eye, you have the supraorbital, supratrochlear nerve. Just to the side of the eye you have zygomaticotemporal nerves. In the temple area, just in front of the top of the ear, you have the auriculotemporal nerves.

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Just like you say, people are complaining of feeling thumping with their heartbeat in each of these areas. We have blood vessels that cross those massage miracle chicago as. In this case, your cold stones are causing the blood vessels around these nerves, and actually probably some decreasing the inflammation of the muscles in the area as.

Same, when Cyicago do surgery, I massage miracle chicago chiczgo trough through those muscles so the nerve can lie in a more relaxed state.

You are just relaxing the muscles in a similar fashion.

You mircale up with is. How do you this for the first time? I want to try this on you. I massage miracle chicago a lot of migrainers that would come to me, and I would practice on.

Does this help? I started getting some very good results. Within minutes, their headache was gone.

Massage miracle chicago

Then, we would have massage miracle chicago maintenance program. I did that for quite a. I chixago it out there to see. We love this idea. Will you come to the conference? I got set up.

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This was the first time I taught this particular treatment to massage therapists, and went out. Well, I got 62 students.