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Love the taste of a woman Seeking Man

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Love the taste of a woman

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But guess what?

Ths vaginas are beautiful. Unless there's something funky going on down there related to an actual medical issue, then the appearance and scent of your vagina is likely totally normal.

Your vagina smells like vagina. Your partner should absolutely know what they are getting. And most importantly, they should love it!

But in case you're curious aren't we all a little curious here is what vagina tastes like, according to guys. Guys on the internet.

Well, they are an aphrodesiac. And if your partner thinks you taste like a penny, it's only because you're money, baby. Or.

Women's vaginal odor and taste vary. As MyVag.

Personally, I believe the only person who has the right to tell you to stop smoking is your SO because he or she is the one who has to kiss your cigarette mouth It's probably time to quit.

Here's a major buzz kill.

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Alcohol can have an effect on the way your vagina tastes tthe not in a good way. According to You Beauty: Consider all those dreams you had of champagne-flavored pussy dashed.

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Or is that just me? It's not only the booze affecting the pH levels of your lady parts.

As Women's Health points out, spices, onions, garlic, red meat good news for vegetarians! Yes, I said broccoli could make your vagina taste bad. See, Mom!

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Told you broccoli sucked! Rosser also notes these taste changes will only last a few days as your body's levels return to normal.

So, don't feel too awful about all those tequila shots you took at the bar. Pineapple, kiwi, blueberries, mango, green tea, cucumber and parsley are all known to make you taste "better. So, basically, eating a fruit salad can make your vag I've been asking tastr myself and I've heard several times the best bet to love the taste of a woman a sweet taste is with pineapple.

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Rachel Kona, a writer for YourTango personally tested out pineapple and experienced pretty positive results. When it comes to vaginas, they taste the way they taste because, nature.

No matter what thf mind might have you believe, remember this: Your vagina is delicious. Yes, there are things to affect its taste, but what it comes down to is vaginal health.

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Because what is tbe is the well-being of your leading lady. The best way to keep your vagina healthy is to focus on keeping your pH balance in check.

Probiotics are the godsend for vaginas.

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