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I Look For Swinger Couples How you doing ladies

.Want A Conduit Stop Up My Sexy Pussy.

How you doing ladies

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That's all I will say about me, but if your interested then don't be shy :) When you reply please put Geddy in the subject line so I know your not spam.

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The 'How you doing? English is my third language. I seem it's general conversation dialogue. What's so special about it?

Report: What’s A Pretty Lady Like You Doing Around An Article Like This?

From Wikipedia:. Joey is extremely promiscuous with women, often relying on his catchphrase pickup line "How you doin'?

The expression How you doin'? This phrase seems to be used by stereotypical mobsters in popular ladjes, who usually were of foreign descent and so would pronounce expressions with an accent.

For example, Tony Soprano in the third season the 5th quote in Another Toothpick:. Joey does the same probably a reference to his foreign descent but in his case, the sentence is a pick-up line, a conversation starter for his die how you doing ladies nasty black lesbian with women.

Tamzin T Girl

As others have pointed out, the phrase in itself is very innocuous and mundane, but it's mostly the WAY hoa says it that adds the flirting overtones. Notice how when he usually says it he narrows his eyes and raises his chin in how you doing ladies he must believe is a seductive look.

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What does 'How you doing? Ask Question.

Asked 6 years, 7 months ago. Active 6 years, 7 months ago. Viewed 46k times.

How YOU doin'? How you doin?

A quite funny pick-up line often used by joey from friends when he how you doing ladies a women he likes. A hot women walks past Joey Joey: Pick-up line that never fails unless it's truely responded to. Guy 1 " How YOU doin'?

Dear GOD!! How you doin?!?

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A popular phrase coined by radio DJ and tv personality, Wendy Williams. How You Doin?!

Hey miss honey, what's goin on sweetness?!