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Girlfriend kissing another girl

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Asian man seeking a girl to hang out. But, why should I let that put a kink in the works.

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I can tell you from experience that it feels just as bad as if it was with a guy.

Long story short, the first time my ex cheated on me, she told me she got drunk and made out with a girl at a party. I was exceptionally hurt by this and was trying to figure out the best way girlfriend kissing another girl word this to her the next day, I got the text from someone else at the party that she was currently cheating on me with her ex.

Wise Guys: How Do Men Feel About Their Girlfriends Kissing Other Women? - Em & Lo

I basically got both pieces of information within 2 hours, so I have a pretty good frame of reference for comparison. If she asks me and I'm OK with it, I don't think it could be cheating.

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If she doesn't ask me, I'd assume she is trying to get the woman to hook up with us. If that happened then she wouldn't be my GF any more because she clearly doesn't understand what monogamy is. If for whatever reason, she decided that was ok for her to do then I should be able to kiss other girls too, cause its only fair.

I don't know why it would matter. If she was straight, kissing another girl would be like kissing her dog. girlfriend kissing another girl

I Wants Sex Meeting Girlfriend kissing another girl

She's not sexually attracted to. But I can see how it would bother some guys.

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Well I got a boyfriend. But it shouldn't be viewed any differently.

I Am Seeking Dick Girlfriend kissing another girl

Cheating is cheating. Regardless of gender. They're still being sexual with another person while being in a relationship with you.

Girlfriend kissing another girl highly doubt a girl would be find or think that it's not cheating, if her boyfriend went around kissing guys. So unless you both have an open birlfriend, and agree to. Than yes, it would be cheating if they kissed other people.

I would just make it clear that next time I'm either in on iissing action or allowed to watch. On second thought, if that other girl happens to be a butch lesbian I would have a problem.

Hot lesbian, wouldn't care. Might even change my opinion. Interesting response.

I girlfriend kissing another girl probably ask to watch too, if I were in such a mood And maybe I would ask questions to understand if she's turning gay or just having fun. It's only anogher if one of the two parties is unhappy with the circumstance. Some people like watching or sharing.

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Some people don't. So you should sit down with your SO and say what you are ok. I am really starting to realize how much I don't care about shit like. If she had been hooking up with some girl for girlfriend kissing another girl then I'd be mad, but once I feel bad anogher you if that makes you angry.

If your girlfriend kisses another girl? is that cheating? (serious) - Forums

I can't believe how many guys on this thread are sexually threatened by a woman. Your girlfriend is dating you because she's into guys.

This girlfriend kissing another girl kiss isn't going to 'convert'. Or she could be bisexual and eventually decides that she prefers women. This actually happened to kisssing guy I know a threesome situation, his gf left him gir,friend the other girl. Although it's probably rare, it's a possibility. Every girl I've known doesn't matter clarksville hotties in yoga pants she identifies as bi, straight, gay that has kissed another girl wanted to As in it wasn't at some party and some guys egged them on.

If my girlfriend kissing another girl is cheating? | Yahoo Answers

It was of their own accord and they were turned on by it. If you are not ok with it, then she should respect. You girlfriend kissing another girl want to talk to her anyway man.

Why would she need to kiss other people if she got what she needed from you?

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You guys should talk and you need to step your aother up son! Originally Posted by mr. Alright well if she and you have talked about it, and you are ok with it, then there girlfriwnd no issues and you should see if she will involve you in one of these kissing sessions Play on playa.

Girlfriend kissing another girl thread girlfriend kissing another girl more pics. Embrace sacrifice Embrace pain. Current Stack: I would rather said kissing is done in my presence!

Girlfriend kissing another girl

I dont like to think of my girl as a slut and if she were to kiss another girl I would find that a slutty thing since a lot of girls only do it to get attention and be slutty. I dont share well with. I told my girlfriend it is, and I will count it as cheating, girlfriend kissing another girl results in a permanent IRL ip ban for.

Your girlfriend is down for a threesome and you mistook it for some kind of debate. Originally Posted by Ingenioso. Originally Posted by EinMassengrab. Quick Navigation Misc. Supplement Wars! Listen Now Janna Janna.

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