Daniel on PRUFROCK

Daniel Henshall is an Australian stage, film and television actor. He is best known for his portrayal as serial killer John Bunting in the film Snowtown, and as Caleb Brewster in the AMC TV series Turn: Washington’s Spies.

Daniel choose to as his project for THE PASSION, the poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, by T.S.Eliot.



On poetry

There’s something within poetry that’s quite abstract. And I find that doesn’t often have bounds and it can be interpreted so many different ways. And you can come to a piece of great writing, you can come into it as an 18 year old and you can come to it as a 30 year old but the genesis of the original feeling can still flow through it and Your understanding of it can be deepened from your own life experience

You’re not constricted by certain ideas and  the older I get the more I understand them or at least the understanding changes and I feel like I’m understanding them more because it deepens, it thickens.

And speaking that extraordinary language empowers you – something happens when you connect to what you‘re saying.. it just goes right through you…it’s incredible.


On The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock

For me it feels like someone deepening their understanding of what it is to be a human in our society

Prufrock was introduced to me by an ex-girlfriend almost..about 7 or 8 years ago and I read the poem from start to finish and I asked her  what was it about the poem she loved, and she explained: the beauty and the fallibility of man and thinking that you know it all and you don’t and it doesn’t matter and you should be enjoying the beauty in life and what we have. And that just blew me away.

There’s so much going on within it. It’s so languid – I love it. There’s also a really wonderful understanding of the silliness of it all. We strive for so much but it’s all really a distraction and what’s really important is the connection between two people. Or is it? Does it matter? Do I dare? All these questions you constantly ask yourself throughout your lifetime. And I just love the humour in it as well, the tongue in check attitude to it all, you know, as well as the deep seriousness and vulnerability


On Prufrock

I just love that Prufrock knows everything and then… he knows nothing. I’m sure you’vefelt that profound feeling of understanding., that finally you get it, and that all the stars are aligned. And then, you wake up in ta state of anxiety 3 days later and it’s all gone to shit.


On reading Prufrock again for THE PASSION

The great thing about it is that now I’ve come back to it, I can hear things better or at least in the reading reading of it, I ‘ve gone: Oh! THAT’S what that means whereas 8 years ago, I was like…Yeah….OK, I think I understand what that means but no, I’m lost on that one.

The poem gives me comfort. It gives me solace to know that someone before me has experienced what I’m going through. One some level. And that’s ok. I’m ok. And that this is pretty funny. However hurtful, however wonderful, however joyous…life’s pretty fucking funny. )

The beauty and the sorrow and the understanding of it . You know… don’t question what is it. Let’s go and make our visit.