‘In a dear little village remote and obscure
A beautiful maiden resided.
As to whether or not her intentions were pure
Opinion was sharply divided.
She loved to lie out ‘neath the darkening sky
And allow the soft breeze to entrance her.
She whispered her dreams to the birds flying by
But seldom received any answer.’

Filmed in New York State, by Australian director Laura Scrivano, Sarah Snook takes as her project for THE PASSION Noel Coward’s witty and irreverent Alice Is At It Again, as a starting point to explore the power of female sexuality, nature and renewal.

Sarah’s breakthrough performance came in the acclaimed sleeper science fiction thriller PREDESTINATION, which won her an AACTA and Hollywood’s immediate interest.


Sarah has recently starred in THE SECRET RIVER (Australia, ABC), and completed filming on the film HOLDING THE MAN, THE BEAUTIFUL LIE (Australia, ABC), and the Aaron Sorkin scripted, Danny Boyle directed STEVE JOBS biopic, opposite Michael Fassbender. She has also recently appeared alongside Ralph Fiennes in THE MASTER BUILDER at The Old Vic in London.